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Catenary Curve    ęDon Stauffer

The Minneapolis Photographic Society (MPS) is the only Twin Cities camera club that specializes in prints. Some members make prints using traditional silver wet darkroom techniques. Some members use the latest digital capture, computer generated, inkjet printing techniques. We are also one of the oldest camera clubs in the Twin Cities area -- with traditions going back to the mid 1930s.

Our salon (competition) year runs from September to May; tutorials are held year-round. We meet at the Minneapolis Television Network (MTN) studios. The address is 820 18th Ave. NE, Minneapolis. Directions: The entrance to MTN studios is located approximately one block west of Central Ave in NE Minneapolis. Look for the MTN sign at the door and giant Legos east of the entrance. Parking is on the street next to the building. Do not let the fence and barb wire deter you from entering the building. It is an architectural relic from the days when it was the Minneapolis Arsenal.

Typically, our general meeting (with salon) is the first Monday of the month; tutorial sessions are held on the third Monday.

Whatever your interest in prints, whatever your level of experience, we invite you to visit us.