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Instructions to Judges

run with me    ©Linda Staats


There are four sections each month.
  • Monochrome Open
  • Color Open
  • Monochrome Topic
  • Color Topic


Judges will be given the same topic definition as members have received. If the judge determines an image does not fit in the topic section, the judge will move the image to the open section, and score it there.


Awards of first, second, third place and honorable mention should approximate 30% of the entries. Percent of entries receiving awards or order of awards can vary from section to section at the judge's discretion. If there are too few entries or if in the judge's opinion the salon entries do not warrant awarding all possible awards, then the number may be reduced or some awards not given for a specific section. For example, if one section has only a few entries, perhaps only a first and third place plus one honorable mention might be appropriate.


Please try to give positive critiques. Start with the gestalt (overall artistic impression of an image) and comment on technique only later. Not all faults need pointing out in every image. Try to articulate why an image deserves a high or low score, with references to other images or artistic/technical ideals. Avoid personal biases if possible.