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Salon Results by Date

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2018 - 2019JUDGETOPIC
      September 2018Anything With Wheels
      October 2018Spring Colors
      November 2018Texture
      December 2018Cityscape
      January 2019Fun In The Sun
      February 2019Parallel
      March 2019Kitchen Closeups. Meeting canceled due to weather - see you in April.
      April 2019Corners
      May 2019Behind Glass

2017 - 2018JUDGETOPIC
      September 2017Macro
      October 2017Still Life
      November 2017Shadows
      December 2017Patterns
      January 2018Seen from Below/Looking Up
      February 2018Sports
      March 2018High Key
      April 2018Oops!
      May 2018Parades and Festivals

2016 - 2017JUDGETOPIC
      September 2016Margo AshmoreNoir
      October 2016Lars Michael.Unusual Perspectives
      November 2016Sandy CoatesNight Sky
      December 2016Russ Borud.Architectural Details
      January 2017Cynthia Fleury.Light Painting
      February 2017Mariann Cyr.Wildlife
      March 2017Terry Butler.Blue Hour
      April 2017John Arthur Anderson.National or State Parks and Monuments
      May 2017Leo Pritchett.In Midair

2015 - 2016JUDGETOPIC
      September 2015Cynthia FleuerySpring
      October 2015Russell BorudReality Unconstrained
      November 2015Terry ButlerSummer
      December 2015Alec JohnsonComposite
      January 2016Margo AshmorePostcard of the Twin Cities
      February 2016Sandi CoatesFall
      March 2016Bill CooperSilhouette
      April 2016Bob LundquistWinter
      May 2016Leo PritschetMacro

2014 - 2015JUDGETOPIC
      September 2014Boats
      October 2014Appliances.
      November 2014Seen From Above.
      December 2014Minnesota Icons.
      January 2015Children At Play.
      February 2015Far Away Land.
      March 2015Power of Nature.
      April 2015High Key.
      May 2015Religious.

2013 - 2014JUDGETOPIC
      September 2013John AndersonMusic
      October 2013Rikk FlohrPatterns
      November 2013Abandoned
      December 2013Food
      January 2014Peter WongHolidays
      February 2014Macro
      March 2014Animals
      April 2014After Dark
      May 2014Signs of Spring

2012 - 2013JUDGETOPIC
      September 2012Rikk FlohrBackyard
      October 2012Leo PritschetDelicate
      November 2012Christopher GreyPeople At Work
      December 2012John OlsonAction Shot
      January 2013Tom FletcherStill Life
      February 2013Bill CooperCircles
      March 2013Peter WongDignity
      April 2013John AndersonMirroring Monet
      May 2013John MagnusPlanes, Trains and Automobiles

2011 - 2012JUDGETOPIC
      September 2011Orin Rutchick Alleys
      October 2011Christopher GreyReflections
      November 2011Scott BoardMinimalism
      December 2011Alec JohnsonBreaking the Rules
      January 2012Geoffrey and Holly KucheraInside Looking Out or See Through
      February 2012Calvin deRuyterShadows
      March 2012Shelley PaulsonRunning on Empty
      April 2012Adam GrimCurves
      May 2012Jo ElandWeather

2010 - 2011JUDGETOPIC
      September 2010Russ BorudHumor
      October 2010Rikk FlohrLarger than Life
      November 2010Alec JohnsonInterior/Exterior Architecture
      December 2010David JonesFall Color
      January 2011Ron TimmThe Color Blue/Tangled in Blue
      February 2011Barb SmithAbstract
      March 2011Winter Landscapes
      April 2011Catching the Wind
      May 2011Ice

2009 - 2010JUDGETOPIC
      September 2009John OlsonPath(s) We Take
      October 2009Barb SmithPedestrian
      November 2009Russ BorudSomething Broken
      December 2009Rikk FlohrOpenings
      January 2010Calvin DeRuyterLetters of the Alphabet
      February 2010Leo PritschetRural Landscape
      March 2010Josh HackneyLight and Shadow
      April 2010Vijay KaraiFrom Behind
      May 2010Chris GreyLiving Human Faces

2008 - 2009JUDGETOPIC
      September 2008Lars MichaelHuman Powered Vehicles
      October 2008Barb SmithParts
      November 2008John OlsonReflections
      December 2008Vijay KaraiOut of Place
      January 2009Josh HackneyFood
      February 2009Calvin DeRuyterSeries
      March 2009Russ BorudFine Art Nudes
      April 2009Margo AshmoreTableau Vivant
      May 2009Rikk FlohrOne Place/Como

2007 - 2008JUDGETOPIC
      September 2007Lars MichaelBotanical
      October 2007Layne KennedyLandscape
      November 2007 Patrick Kelly and Todd TowneyAnimal
      December 2007Paul UmbargerMotion
      January 2008Russ BorudPortraits of People
      February 2008Calvin DeRuyterFine Art
      March 2008Vijay KariMacro/Close-up
      April 2008Chris GreyLong Exposure
      May 2008Tony SchreckStreet Photography

2006 - 2007JUDGETOPIC
      September 2006Mariann CyrHumor
      October 2006Vijay KaraiPeople at Work
      November 2006Jo Ann KuntemeierDereliction
      December 2006Ron TimmColoring
      January 2007Member PanelWeather
      February 2007Russ BorudSpiritual
      March 2007Phil RaderHigh Key
      April 2007Bob and Bev ShoemakerTriptych
      May 2007Calvin deRuyterTwin City Icon(s)

2005 - 2006JUDGETOPIC
      September 2005Mike ProkoschNature
      October 2005Russ BorudTransportation
      November 2005Scott BoardAction Sports
      December 2005Ellie KingsburyPainterly Effects
      January 2006Beth Dow'Scapes
      February 2006Milan SedioJoiners
      March 2006Cindy Mae SweeBody Parts
      April 2006Jim CarrSilhouette
      May 2006Chris GreyPeople Portraits

2004 - 2005JUDGETOPIC
      September 2004Bill CameronIn the Garden
      October 2004Vijay KaraiPanorama
      November 2004Brian MalamRural Life
      December 2004Jim FugelstadMotion
      January 2005Vijay KaraiTexture
      February 2005Diane SymeAt Night
      March 2005John OlsonOut of Place
      April 2005Cynthia FleuryAround the House
      May 2005Charles LaytonWater