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October 2004   Salon Results

Judge: Vijay Karai     Topic: Panorama

Color Topic

Poplar Maine    ©Jeff Morgan 2nd: Poplar Maine © Jeff Morgan
no image3rd: Watching the Fog Lift © Charles Taflin
View from the Artists' Point    ©Peg Woellner HM: View from the Artists' Point © Peg Woellner
Frosty Dawn at Thune    ©Jeff Morgan HM: Frosty Dawn at Thune © Jeff Morgan
no imageHM: Nanaimo Harbor © George Johnston

Monochrome Topic

Bridges    ©Peg Woellner 1st: Bridges © Peg Woellner
no image2nd: Sky Swing © Diane Syme
no image3rd: Sherbourne NWR © Charles Turpin
no imageHM: untitled © Tanya Villano
no imageHM: Boom © Chuck Dahl

Color Open

no image1st: Lake Calhoun Refrectory © Sonny Taylor
no image2nd: River City © Gary Burnham
Watching the World Go By    ©Sue Olson 3rd: Watching the World Go By © Sue Olson
no imageHM: Quinet Canyon © Charles Turpin

Monochrome Open

no image1st: Gaudi's Church © Sue Olson
no image2nd: Crosby Fork © Diane Syme