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January 2005   Salon Results

Judge: Vijay Karai     Topic: Texture

Color Topic

Texture Study    ©Jim Van Meter 2nd: Texture Study © Jim Van Meter
no image3rd: Roof Tiles © Jim Carr-Deceased
no imageHM: Antelope Canyon © Gary Burnham
no imageHM: Contented Clown © Micheal Johnson
Gone for the Day    ©Scott Moncrieff HM: Gone for the Day © Scott Moncrieff
Toronto to Montreal    ©Scott Moncrieff HM: Toronto to Montreal © Scott Moncrieff
no imageHM: Gaudiy Fence © Sue Olson
Rose Petals    ©Diane Syme HM: Rose Petals © Diane Syme
no imageHM: Mixed Fruit © Sonny Taylor
Schoodic Point    ©Jim Van Meter HM: Schoodic Point © Jim Van Meter

Monochrome Topic

no image1st: Texture © Kathryn Septon-Johnson
Grass    ©Chuck Dahl 3rd: Grass © Chuck Dahl
no imageHM: Great Grandmother © Gary Burnham
no imageHM: Cobblestone Street © Sue Olson
no imageHM: Hoodoo Shadows © Peg Woellner

Color Open

Just Hanging Out    ©Doug Congdon 1st: Just Hanging Out © Doug Congdon
no image3rd: Sally Lightfoot No. 1 © Richard Kain
no imageHM: Along Lake Street © Curt Robinson
Winter Adirondacks    ©Donna Anderson HM: Winter Adirondacks © Donna Anderson