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February 2005   Salon Results

Judge: Diane Syme     Topic: At Night

Color Topic

Stone Arch Bridge, 2005    ©Jeff Morgan 1st: Stone Arch Bridge, 2005 © Jeff Morgan
Frozen Capital    ©Bill Cady 2nd: Frozen Capital © Bill Cady
no imageHM: Westminster Church © Sonny Taylor
Dancing with Dad    ©Linda Schield HM: Dancing with Dad © Linda Schield
Window Glow    ©Linda Schield HM: Window Glow © Linda Schield

Monochrome Topic

Pedestrian Bridge at Night    ©Peg Woellner 1st: Pedestrian Bridge at Night © Peg Woellner
no image2nd: Parliament Square © Bob Dachelet
Waiting    ©Chuck Dahl 3rd: Waiting © Chuck Dahl
no imageHM: Night Fisher © Charles Turpin
no imageHM: Ice Palace © Charles Taflin
no imageHM: Christmas Night © Scott Moncrieff

Color Open

no image1st: What's Up? © Richard Kain
no image2nd: X-rated Oystercatchers © Richard Kain
Great Blue Heron and Child    ©Jeff Morgan HM: Great Blue Heron and Child © Jeff Morgan
no imageHM: Sunrise on Wixam Lake © Steve Baranski

Monochrome Open

no image1st: City Hall and Festivities © Kathryn Septon-Johnson
Locharron, Wester Ross    ©Scott Moncrieff 2nd: Locharron, Wester Ross © Scott Moncrieff