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April 2005   Salon Results

Judge: Cynthia Fleury     Topic: Around the House

Color Topic

Berries    ©Peg Woellner 1st: Berries © Peg Woellner
Cat and Mouse    ©Jeff Morgan 2nd: Cat and Mouse © Jeff Morgan
no image3rd: Great Grandpa's Dresser © Tanya Villano
Mickers    ©Bob Hosker HM: Mickers © Bob Hosker
no imageHM: Morning Dew © Micheal Johnson
no imageHM: Slippers © George Johnston
Snuff Cottage    ©Scott Moncrieff HM: Snuff Cottage © Scott Moncrieff

Monochrome Topic

no image1st: With Love © Peg Woellner
no image2nd: Anything for Tuna © Sonny Taylor
no image3rd: Peace © Linda Schield
You've Got a Fly on Your Window    ©Sonny Taylor HM: You've Got a Fly on Your Window © Sonny Taylor

Color Open

Great Blue Heron    ©Jeff Morgan 1st: Great Blue Heron © Jeff Morgan
no image2nd: Wood Duck © Robert Cera
Big Sister    ©Doug Congdon 3rd: Big Sister © Doug Congdon
Mountain Paper Mill    ©Doug Congdon HM: Mountain Paper Mill © Doug Congdon
no imageHM: Sunset on Costa Rica © Nick Shuhrk