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May 2005   Salon Results

Judge: Charles Layton     Topic: Water

Color Topic

Waterfall and Fisherman    ©Jeff Morgan 1st: Waterfall and Fisherman © Jeff Morgan
Spouting Horn    ©Jim Van Meter 2nd: Spouting Horn © Jim Van Meter
Rafting the River    ©Peg Woellner 3rd: Rafting the River © Peg Woellner
Bath Time    ©Jeff Morgan HM: Bath Time © Jeff Morgan
Little Joe Creek    ©Linda Schield HM: Little Joe Creek © Linda Schield
Take the Plunge    ©Linda Schield HM: Take the Plunge © Linda Schield

Monochrome Topic

Greeting    ©Chuck Dahl 1st: Greeting © Chuck Dahl
Four Trees    ©Scott Moncrieff 2nd: Four Trees © Scott Moncrieff
A Stone's Throw    ©Diane Syme 3rd: A Stone's Throw © Diane Syme
Fishing    ©Sonny Taylor HM: Fishing © Sonny Taylor

Color Open

no image2nd: Out Walking © Curt Robinson
no image3rd: Ode to Spring © George Johnston
Wiggins Pass at Sunset    ©Micheal Johnson HM: Wiggins Pass at Sunset © Micheal Johnson
no imageHM: Painting the Bandshell © Sonny Taylor

Monochrome Open

no imageHM: Train Wheels © Sidney Cammeresi
Yosemite View    ©Steve Cook HM: Yosemite View © Steve Cook