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October 2005   Salon Results

Judge: Russ Borud     Topic: Transportation

Color Topic

RX73    ©Jeff Morgan 1st: RX73 © Jeff Morgan
no image2nd: Coming Around © Richard Kain
no image3rd: Pipette Lake © Geoffrey Stone
no imageHM: Heavy Lifting © Daniel Tan

Monochrome Topic

no image1st: Locomotive Oiler © Bob Dachelet
no image2nd: Rowing © Kathryn Septon-Johnson
no image3rd: Mid-Day Break © Shaun Adams
Ping River Raft    ©Charles Taflin HM: Ping River Raft © Charles Taflin

Color Open

The New Walker    ©Diane Syme 1st: The New Walker © Diane Syme
Flower Sniffer    ©Diane Syme 2nd: Flower Sniffer © Diane Syme
Almost Dusk    ©Robert Cera 3rd: Almost Dusk © Robert Cera
no imageHM: Cheetah and Gazelle © Jim Carr-Deceased

Monochrome Open

The Waiting Room    ©Shaun Adams 1st: The Waiting Room © Shaun Adams
Daiseys    ©Micheal Johnson 2nd: Daiseys © Micheal Johnson
Cave Window    ©Sue Olson 3rd: Cave Window © Sue Olson
no imageHM: Crazy Horse Monument © Charles Turpin