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May 2006   Salon Results

Judge: Chris Grey     Topic: People Portraits

Color Topic

no image1st: North Shore Cowboy © Bob Dachelet
Lashes    ©Clay Johnston 2nd: Lashes © Clay Johnston
no image3rd: Deep Mood © Richard Gould
Miss V    ©Charles Taflin HM: Miss V © Charles Taflin
no imageHM: I'm Only 85! © Richard Kain
One of the Group    ©Michael Valentiner HM: One of the Group © Michael Valentiner

Monochrome Topic

Mother and Child    ©Steve Baranski 1st: Mother and Child © Steve Baranski
Wistful    ©Linda Schield 2nd: Wistful © Linda Schield
no image3rd: Mattie © Chuck Dahl
no imageHM: Ben B No. 1 © Richard Kain
no imageHM: Lines of Labor © Shaun Adams

Color Open

no image1st: Backlit Bleedinghearts © Peg Woellner
no image2nd: Chanel © Bob Dachelet
Zug,  Switzerland    ©Jeff Morgan 3rd: Zug, Switzerland © Jeff Morgan
no imageHM: Shadows © Sonny Taylor
The Fairy Bridge    ©Scott Moncrieff HM: The Fairy Bridge © Scott Moncrieff

Monochrome Open

Down to the Lake    ©Jeff Morgan 2nd: Down to the Lake © Jeff Morgan
Lily    ©Shaun Adams 3rd: Lily © Shaun Adams
Frosted Oak    ©Peg Woellner HM: Frosted Oak © Peg Woellner