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November 2006   Salon Results

Judge: Jo Ann Kuntemeier     Topic: Dereliction

Color Topic

Rhodes Door    ©Jim Van Meter 1st: Rhodes Door © Jim Van Meter
Old Red Chair    ©Holly Kuchera 2nd: Old Red Chair © Holly Kuchera
Old Railway Wagons    ©Scott Moncrieff 3rd: Old Railway Wagons © Scott Moncrieff
no imageHM: No Az © Robert Cera
Abandoned Farm, MN    ©Scott Moncrieff HM: Abandoned Farm, MN © Scott Moncrieff
no imageHM: No Place Like Home © Charles Taflin

Monochrome Topic

Left to Decay    ©Jeff Morgan 1st: Left to Decay © Jeff Morgan
Beggar    ©Bob Dachelet 2nd: Beggar © Bob Dachelet
Flip this House    ©Doug Congdon 3rd: Flip this House © Doug Congdon
Holey    ©Chuck Dahl HM: Holey © Chuck Dahl

Color Open

Stargazer Lily from Diane's Garden    ©Bob Hosker 1st: Stargazer Lily from Diane's Garden © Bob Hosker
Alden Lane Calla    ©Linda Schield 2nd: Alden Lane Calla © Linda Schield
Wolf in the Woods (Captive)    ©Bob Hosker 3rd: Wolf in the Woods (Captive) © Bob Hosker
Canopy in Cortona    ©Angela Andrist HM: Canopy in Cortona © Angela Andrist
no imageHM: Decaying Fish © Scott Board
St Anthony Falls Fireworks    ©Geoffrey Kuchera HM: St Anthony Falls Fireworks © Geoffrey Kuchera

Monochrome Open

no image1st: Sailboats © Sonny Taylor
no image2nd: Minnehaha Falls © Sonny Taylor