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April 2007   Salon Results

Judge: Bob and Bev Shoemaker     Topic: Triptych

Color Topic

Cathedral    ©Chuck Dahl 1st: Cathedral © Chuck Dahl
no image2nd: Lighthouse;Afternoon, Sunset,Evening © Peg Woellner
no image3rd: Greek Island Dreams © Charles Turpin
The Siq    ©Jim Van Meter HM: The Siq © Jim Van Meter

Monochrome Topic

no image1st: Grand Marais Point © Peg Woellner

Color Open

Boom Island Park, mn    ©Jeff Morgan 1st: Boom Island Park, mn © Jeff Morgan
Grass Wren    ©Mariann Cyr 2nd: Grass Wren © Mariann Cyr
no image3rd: Scram! © Micheal Johnson
no imageHM: North Shore - Winter © Robert Cera
samoyed Puppies at Play    ©Bob Hosker HM: samoyed Puppies at Play © Bob Hosker

Monochrome Open

Welsh Hilltop Treeline    ©Jeff Morgan 1st: Welsh Hilltop Treeline © Jeff Morgan
Confession    ©Shaun Adams 2nd: Confession © Shaun Adams
no image3rd: Coon Rapids Dam © Charles Taflin