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October 2007   Salon Results

Judge: Layne Kennedy     Topic: Landscape

Color Topic

Southwold Beach Huts    ©Jeff Morgan 1st: Southwold Beach Huts © Jeff Morgan
Wendover Salt Flats    ©Charles Taflin 2nd: Wendover Salt Flats © Charles Taflin
USA Cup from atop a Fire Engine Ladder    ©Bob Hosker 3rd: USA Cup from atop a Fire Engine Ladder © Bob Hosker
Tree and Water #1    ©Scott Board HM: Tree and Water #1 © Scott Board
Ponte Vecchio    ©Jeanne Danmeier HM: Ponte Vecchio © Jeanne Danmeier
no imageHM: Missouri Crossing © Charles Turpin
Great Sand Dunes    ©Jim Van Meter HM: Great Sand Dunes © Jim Van Meter

Monochrome Topic

Forest    ©Chuck Dahl 1st: Forest © Chuck Dahl
English Landscape Garden    ©Bob Dachelet 2nd: English Landscape Garden © Bob Dachelet
The Valley    ©Chuck Dahl 3rd: The Valley © Chuck Dahl
O Sol Mio    ©Cynthia Fleury HM: O Sol Mio © Cynthia Fleury
no imageHM: Driftwood on Beach © Peg Woellner
no imageHM: Box Island Beach © Ellen Wold

Color Open

Annecy in Golden Light    ©Cynthia Fleury 1st: Annecy in Golden Light © Cynthia Fleury
no image2nd: Ornamental Veggie © Sonny Taylor
Bonsai Abstract    ©Holly Kuchera 3rd: Bonsai Abstract © Holly Kuchera
Fairy Flute    ©Geoffrey Kuchera HM: Fairy Flute © Geoffrey Kuchera
5:15 AM; Split Rock State Park    ©Holly Kuchera HM: 5:15 AM; Split Rock State Park © Holly Kuchera
no imageHM: Untitled © Charles Turpin

Monochrome Open

Foggy Night at the Golden Gate    ©Geoffrey Kuchera 1st: Foggy Night at the Golden Gate © Geoffrey Kuchera
no image2nd: Rum River #1 © Richard Kain
no image3rd: Who's Laughing at Who? © Mark Lawton
no imageHM: Evening Read © Paul Hunerberg