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November 2007   Salon Results

Judge: Patrick Kelly and Todd Towney     Topic: Animal

Color Topic

no image1st: Grass Wren © Mariann Cyr
Monarch    ©Bill Schneider 2nd: Monarch © Bill Schneider
Moose in Snow Storm    ©Cynthia Fleury 3rd: Moose in Snow Storm © Cynthia Fleury
Mule and Horse    ©Angela Andrist HM: Mule and Horse © Angela Andrist
Fox    ©Bill Cady HM: Fox © Bill Cady
Snowflake Covered Dancer    ©Bob Hosker HM: Snowflake Covered Dancer © Bob Hosker
Orange Foot    ©Micheal Johnson HM: Orange Foot © Micheal Johnson
Key West Rooster    ©Micheal Johnson HM: Key West Rooster © Micheal Johnson
no imageHM: The White Spine © Richard Kain
Cry of the Eagle    ©Geoffrey Kuchera HM: Cry of the Eagle © Geoffrey Kuchera
British Robin    ©Jeff Morgan HM: British Robin © Jeff Morgan
White Ibis    ©Bill Schneider HM: White Ibis © Bill Schneider
Sleepy Great Tortoise    ©Connie Van Valkenburg HM: Sleepy Great Tortoise © Connie Van Valkenburg
Greyhound and Owner    ©Ronnie Hartman HM: Greyhound and Owner © Ronnie Hartman

Monochrome Topic

no image1st: Sheep Hearding #2 © Peg Woellner
Grazing Horse    ©Scott Board HM: Grazing Horse © Scott Board
no imageHM: Thirsty © Sonny Taylor

Color Open

Golden Gate From Bakers Beach    ©Michael Valentiner 1st: Golden Gate From Bakers Beach © Michael Valentiner
Poetry In Motion    ©Bob Hosker 3rd: Poetry In Motion © Bob Hosker
no imageHM: See My Dumpling! © Richard Kain

Monochrome Open

Zug Switzerland    ©Jeff Morgan 1st: Zug Switzerland © Jeff Morgan
Yosemite Falls    ©Bob Dachelet 2nd: Yosemite Falls © Bob Dachelet
Ole Bull    ©Jim Van Meter 2nd: Ole Bull © Jim Van Meter
Stourhead Temple    ©Bob Dachelet HM: Stourhead Temple © Bob Dachelet
Power Plant    ©Michael Valentiner HM: Power Plant © Michael Valentiner