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February 2008   Salon Results

Judge: Calvin DeRuyter     Topic: Fine Art

Color Topic

February Dreams    ©Mariann Cyr 1st: February Dreams © Mariann Cyr
no image2nd: Guide in Pink © Richard Kain
Tattooed Tri-Athlete    ©Bob Hosker 3rd: Tattooed Tri-Athlete © Bob Hosker
Aspen Leaves    ©Mary Olson 3rd: Aspen Leaves © Mary Olson
Aged & Beautiful    ©Cynthia Fleury HM: Aged & Beautiful © Cynthia Fleury
Steel & Rust    ©Bob Hosker HM: Steel & Rust © Bob Hosker
no imageHM: Storm on the Gulf © Bill Schneider
no imageHM: Oxbow Bend Sept. 06 © Michael Valentiner
Nile Fisherman    ©Jim Van Meter HM: Nile Fisherman © Jim Van Meter

Monochrome Topic

no image1st: Ghost Ranch Patio © Bob Dachelet
Playful Packages    ©Dell Erikson 2nd: Playful Packages © Dell Erikson
On the Tracks    ©Linda Staats 3rd: On the Tracks © Linda Staats
No Entry    ©Holly Kuchera HM: No Entry © Holly Kuchera
Somewhere to Sit    ©Jeff Morgan HM: Somewhere to Sit © Jeff Morgan

Color Open

no image1st: Balloon Glow © Bill Schneider
Gone Fishing    ©Jeff Morgan 2nd: Gone Fishing © Jeff Morgan
Fox    ©Bill Cady HM: Fox © Bill Cady