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September 2008   Salon Results

Judge: Lars Michael     Topic: Human Powered Vehicles

Color Topic

In the Lead    ©Geoffrey Kuchera 1st: In the Lead © Geoffrey Kuchera
Up    ©Chuck Dahl 2nd: Up © Chuck Dahl
Determined to Win    ©Holly Kuchera 3rd: Determined to Win © Holly Kuchera
High Flyer    ©Ellen Wold HM: High Flyer © Ellen Wold
Handoff    ©Geoffrey Kuchera HM: Handoff © Geoffrey Kuchera
Gondolas    ©Jean Stauffer HM: Gondolas © Jean Stauffer

Monochrome Topic

Waiting    ©Chuck Dahl 1st: Waiting © Chuck Dahl
Olympic Effort    ©Peg Woellner 2nd: Olympic Effort © Peg Woellner

Color Open

Zebra Eye    ©Mary Olson 1st: Zebra Eye © Mary Olson
Making of a Terr Cotta Warrior    ©Bob Hosker 2nd: Making of a Terr Cotta Warrior © Bob Hosker
Day Lilly    ©Mary Olson 3rd: Day Lilly © Mary Olson
Wha Cha Doin' Grandpa    ©Paul Hunerberg HM: Wha Cha Doin' Grandpa © Paul Hunerberg
Sleeping Beauty    ©Bill Cady HM: Sleeping Beauty © Bill Cady

Monochrome Open

Boothy    ©Bob Dachelet 1st: Boothy © Bob Dachelet
Canoeing the Lakes    ©Cynthia Fleury 2nd: Canoeing the Lakes © Cynthia Fleury
Hudson's    ©Bob Dachelet HM: Hudson's © Bob Dachelet
Porceline Light    ©Linda Staats HM: Porceline Light © Linda Staats