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December 2008   Salon Results

Judge: Vijay Karai     Topic: Out of Place

Color Topic

Heads in Bed    ©Bob Dachelet 1st: Heads in Bed © Bob Dachelet
The Cats Meow    ©Bob Hosker 2nd: The Cats Meow © Bob Hosker
Evelyn May on Main St     ©Ellen Wold 3rd: Evelyn May on Main St © Ellen Wold
Pink    ©Walter Horishnyk HM: Pink © Walter Horishnyk
Puss in boot    ©Mary Olson HM: Puss in boot © Mary Olson
Breakfast Study    ©Jim Van Meter HM: Breakfast Study © Jim Van Meter

Monochrome Topic

Elvis Sighting    ©Walter Horishnyk 1st: Elvis Sighting © Walter Horishnyk
Ribbons in Tree     ©Bob Dachelet 2nd: Ribbons in Tree © Bob Dachelet

Color Open

Arboretum Glory 2008    ©Jim Van Meter 1st: Arboretum Glory 2008 © Jim Van Meter
Bear Head Lake    ©Bill Cady 2nd: Bear Head Lake © Bill Cady
Power House    ©Bill Cady 3rd: Power House © Bill Cady
no imageHM: Z Boars © Scott Board
no imageHM: Peeling Paint © Scott Board
Turntable    ©Dawn Holmberg HM: Turntable © Dawn Holmberg
Battle Creek Park    ©Paul Hunerberg HM: Battle Creek Park © Paul Hunerberg

Monochrome Open

Feeling Small    ©Bob Hosker 1st: Feeling Small © Bob Hosker
Cowboy Dream    ©Linda Staats 2nd: Cowboy Dream © Linda Staats
Door County Light    ©Geoffrey Kuchera 3rd: Door County Light © Geoffrey Kuchera