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April 2009   Salon Results

Judge: Margo Ashmore     Topic: Tableau Vivant

Color Topic

Dancing Ladies    ©Ellen Wold 1st: Dancing Ladies © Ellen Wold
Alerted Woman    ©Corinne Standish 2nd: Alerted Woman © Corinne Standish
The Coffee's Hot    ©Mary Olson 3rd: The Coffee's Hot © Mary Olson
Artillerymen    ©Chuck Dahl HM: Artillerymen © Chuck Dahl

Monochrome Topic

The Shave    ©Chuck Dahl 2nd: The Shave © Chuck Dahl

Color Open

no image1st: Chihuly Glass Flowers © Micheal Johnson
Monro Bay Sunset #2    ©Michael Valentiner 1st: Monro Bay Sunset #2 © Michael Valentiner
Tugboats(and Lift Bridge)    ©Bob Hosker 2nd: Tugboats(and Lift Bridge) © Bob Hosker
no image2nd: National Symbol © Jayanthika Karai
Bruge Abstract    ©Jim Van Meter 3rd: Bruge Abstract © Jim Van Meter
Early Morning Heron    ©Peg Woellner 3rd: Early Morning Heron © Peg Woellner
Handshake    ©Geoffrey Kuchera HM: Handshake © Geoffrey Kuchera
Those Eyes    ©Holly Kuchera HM: Those Eyes © Holly Kuchera
Silky Stream    ©Peg Woellner HM: Silky Stream © Peg Woellner

Monochrome Open

Rain    ©Linda Staats 1st: Rain © Linda Staats
Hard Times    ©Holly Kuchera 2nd: Hard Times © Holly Kuchera