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February 2010   Salon Results

Judge: Leo Pritschet     Topic: Rural Landscape

Color Topic

Sleeping Field    ©Paul Hunerberg 1st: Sleeping Field © Paul Hunerberg
Tuscan Wheatfield    ©Bradford Kissell 2nd: Tuscan Wheatfield © Bradford Kissell
Traveling in the Rain    ©Jean Stauffer 3rd: Traveling in the Rain © Jean Stauffer
The Crops are In    ©Judy Dickerson HM: The Crops are In © Judy Dickerson
no imageHM: Viti Crater, Krafla, Iceland © Susan Fuller
no imageHM: Blue Dawn © Jerry Hogeboom

Monochrome Topic

Baa Baa Black Sheep    ©Judy Dickerson 1st: Baa Baa Black Sheep © Judy Dickerson
no image2nd: Bond Falls © Don Stauffer
Old Homes    ©Holly Kuchera 3rd: Old Homes © Holly Kuchera

Color Open

Musical Montage    ©Scott Board 1st: Musical Montage © Scott Board
Carousel Dreams    ©Geoffrey Kuchera 2nd: Carousel Dreams © Geoffrey Kuchera
no image3rd: They're Coming In! © Richard Kain

Monochrome Open

Fishing Boats Bayfield    ©Cynthia Fleury 1st: Fishing Boats Bayfield © Cynthia Fleury