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March 2010   Salon Results

Judge: Josh Hackney     Topic: Light and Shadow

Color Topic

The Meek and the Mighty    ©Bradford Kissell 1st: The Meek and the Mighty © Bradford Kissell
Meditative Moment    ©Holly Kuchera 2nd: Meditative Moment © Holly Kuchera
no image3rd: Music Hall Exits © Richard Kain

Monochrome Topic

Inner Sanctum    ©Bradford Kissell 1st: Inner Sanctum © Bradford Kissell
Pickets    ©Linda Staats 2nd: Pickets © Linda Staats
no image3rd: 3 Chairs © Scott Board

Color Open

Dawn's First LIght on Prairie    ©Linda Staats 1st: Dawn's First LIght on Prairie © Linda Staats
Abandoned for Winter    ©Cynthia Fleury 2nd: Abandoned for Winter © Cynthia Fleury
North Shore Tranquility    ©Bob Hosker 3rd: North Shore Tranquility © Bob Hosker

Monochrome Open

Lake Harriet Winter Walk     ©Cynthia Fleury 1st: Lake Harriet Winter Walk © Cynthia Fleury
One, Three,Five or Many    ©Holly Kuchera HM: One, Three,Five or Many © Holly Kuchera