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April 2010   Salon Results

Judge: Vijay Karai     Topic: From Behind

Color Topic

Hauling Needles    ©Cynthia Fleury 1st: Hauling Needles © Cynthia Fleury
Swan    ©Jerry Hogeboom 2nd: Swan © Jerry Hogeboom
Agostini Dessi    ©Bradford Kissell 3rd: Agostini Dessi © Bradford Kissell
Santorini Taxi and Driver     ©Doug Congdon HM: Santorini Taxi and Driver © Doug Congdon
Hiking Madera Canyon    ©Karen Eckman HM: Hiking Madera Canyon © Karen Eckman
Stretch Those Legs    ©Paul Hunerberg HM: Stretch Those Legs © Paul Hunerberg
no imageHM: Just in Time © Micheal Johnson
Haybales on Truck    ©Linda Staats HM: Haybales on Truck © Linda Staats
These Stockings    ©Jean Stauffer HM: These Stockings © Jean Stauffer
Descending Pemetic    ©Jim Van Meter HM: Descending Pemetic © Jim Van Meter
A View From the Back    ©Connie Van Valkenburg HM: A View From the Back © Connie Van Valkenburg

Monochrome Topic

no image1st: Be Careful © Ellen Wold
Preparing for War    ©Linda Staats 2nd: Preparing for War © Linda Staats

Color Open

How Sweet it is    ©Connie Van Valkenburg 1st: How Sweet it is © Connie Van Valkenburg
Boundary Waters Reflection    ©Bob Hosker 2nd: Boundary Waters Reflection © Bob Hosker
no image3rd: Bryce © Bob Hosker

Monochrome Open

Arboretum Falls    ©Cynthia Fleury 1st: Arboretum Falls © Cynthia Fleury