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February 2011   Salon Results

Judge: Barb Smith     Topic: Abstract

Color Topic

Fireworks in the Forest    ©Bradford Kissell 1st: Fireworks in the Forest © Bradford Kissell
no image2nd: Lock Abstract © Richard Kain
no imageHM: Floodwater © Connie Van Valkenburg

Monochrome Topic

Ferris Wheel Reflection    ©Linda Staats 1st: Ferris Wheel Reflection © Linda Staats

Color Open

Apparatus    ©Bradford Kissell 1st: Apparatus © Bradford Kissell
Tearing Up the Snow    ©Jeffrey Bucklew 2nd: Tearing Up the Snow © Jeffrey Bucklew
Edna G Deckhouse    ©Don Stauffer HM: Edna G Deckhouse © Don Stauffer

Monochrome Open

Rocks  & Ice Artist's Point    ©Cynthia Fleury 1st: Rocks  & Ice Artist's Point © Cynthia Fleury