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March 2011   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Winter Landscapes

Color Topic

no image1st: Winter Trio © Ellen Wold
City of Lakes Lopet by Twilight    ©Bob Hosker HM: City of Lakes Lopet by Twilight © Bob Hosker
Golden Sunrise North Shore    ©Cynthia Fleury HM: Golden Sunrise North Shore © Cynthia Fleury

Monochrome Topic

Tree Misty Lake Superior    ©Cynthia Fleury 1st: Tree Misty Lake Superior © Cynthia Fleury
Split Rock Lighthouse in B&W    ©Dell Erikson 3rd: Split Rock Lighthouse in B&W © Dell Erikson
no imageHM: Flooding in the Fields © Bradford Kissell

Color Open

Waxing Crescent over Candyland    ©Bradford Kissell 1st: Waxing Crescent over Candyland © Bradford Kissell
Cathedral Dome    ©Geoffrey Kuchera 3rd: Cathedral Dome © Geoffrey Kuchera
Just Duckie    ©Holly Kuchera HM: Just Duckie © Holly Kuchera
Arboretum Trail    ©Jim Van Meter HM: Arboretum Trail © Jim Van Meter

Monochrome Open

Ray of Sunshine    ©Carol Jacobson 2nd: Ray of Sunshine © Carol Jacobson