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May 2011   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Ice

Color Topic

Frozen Artistry    ©Matt Peterson 1st: Frozen Artistry © Matt Peterson
East Twin Glacier    ©Jim Van Meter 3rd: East Twin Glacier © Jim Van Meter
Ice Pyramid at the Loppet    ©Judy Dickerson HM: Ice Pyramid at the Loppet © Judy Dickerson
Illusion on Ice    ©Bradford Kissell HM: Illusion on Ice © Bradford Kissell

Monochrome Topic

no image2nd: Gooseberry in February © Carol Jacobson

Color Open

On the Mall - New York City    ©Cynthia Fleury 1st: On the Mall - New York City © Cynthia Fleury
Birds of a Feather    ©Bradford Kissell 2nd: Birds of a Feather © Bradford Kissell
Osprey    ©Jeffrey Bucklew 3rd: Osprey © Jeffrey Bucklew
Waiting    ©Jean Stauffer HM: Waiting © Jean Stauffer
On the Hunt    ©Ronnie Hartman HM: On the Hunt © Ronnie Hartman

Monochrome Open

The Timeless Coastline    ©Matt Peterson 1st: The Timeless Coastline © Matt Peterson
Halloween Sadness    ©Milo Meland 2nd: Halloween Sadness © Milo Meland
If These Keys Could Talk    ©Geoffrey Kuchera 3rd: If These Keys Could Talk © Geoffrey Kuchera
Ascension Episcopal Church    ©Cynthia Fleury HM: Ascension Episcopal Church © Cynthia Fleury
Roseway    ©Don Stauffer HM: Roseway © Don Stauffer