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December 2011   Salon Results

Judge: Alec Johnson     Topic: Breaking the Rules

Color Topic

no image1st: Pond @ High Noon © Ellen Wold
Fall in the Sheyenne River Valley    呶inda Staats 2nd: Fall in the Sheyenne River Valley © Linda Staats
no imageHM: But I Didn't © Richard Kain

Monochrome Topic

Into the Sunset    和ichael Kadlec 1st: Into the Sunset © Michael Kadlec

Color Open

Stop Here on Red 2    咕ill Schneider 1st: Stop Here on Red 2 © Bill Schneider
Operator    坪alter Horishnyk 2nd: Operator © Walter Horishnyk
no image3rd: Red-V © Richard Kain
Stopping for the Roses    和ichael Kadlec HM: Stopping for the Roses © Michael Kadlec
Boardman Starscape    和att Peterson HM: Boardman Starscape © Matt Peterson

Monochrome Open

Path    和ilo Meland 1st: Path © Milo Meland