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January 2012   Salon Results

Judge: Geoffrey and Holly Kuchera     Topic: Inside Looking Out or See Through

Color Topic

Rustic Toys    和ichael Kadlec 1st: Rustic Toys © Michael Kadlec
Japanese Nov    和ilo Meland 2nd: Japanese Nov © Milo Meland
no image3rd: Looking Out © Arlene Green
Inside Outward    呶inda Staats HM: Inside Outward © Linda Staats

Monochrome Topic

The Light at the End of My Slinky    呶inda Staats 1st: The Light at the End of My Slinky © Linda Staats
no image2nd: Dancer's Dream © Ellen Wold

Color Open

no image1st: Inside a Japanese Maple © Ellen Wold
no image2nd: Rock Abstract 2007-1 © Richard Kain

Monochrome Open

All Smiles    和ichael Kadlec 1st: All Smiles © Michael Kadlec