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April 2012   Salon Results

Judge: Adam Grim     Topic: Curves

Color Topic

no image1st: Walking on Water © Jim Van Meter
Valentine Rose    呶inda Staats 2nd: Valentine Rose © Linda Staats
Smithfields Victorian Rafters    固om Jirak 3rd: Smithfields Victorian Rafters © Tom Jirak
no imageHM: Circular Stairs © Arlene Green
Beach Grass    咐ean Stauffer HM: Beach Grass © Jean Stauffer

Monochrome Topic

Round the Bend    和att Peterson 1st: Round the Bend © Matt Peterson
no image2nd: Split Rock Lens © Richard Kain

Color Open

Senor Coyote    命onnie Hartman 1st: Senor Coyote © Ronnie Hartman

Monochrome Open

Pyramid    和ilo Meland 1st: Pyramid © Milo Meland