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September 2012   Salon Results

Judge: Rikk Flohr     Topic: Backyard

Color Topic

no image1st: Steve's up the Tree © Richard Kain
Gingko    İMilo Meland 2nd: Gingko © Milo Meland
Feed Me!!    İRonnie Hartman 3rd: Feed Me!! © Ronnie Hartman
Green Darner    İCharles Taflin HM: Green Darner © Charles Taflin

Monochrome Topic

New Library    İDon Stauffer 1st: New Library © Don Stauffer

Color Open

Lake Jeanette    İBill Cady 1st: Lake Jeanette © Bill Cady
Birch Trees    İBill Cady 2nd: Birch Trees © Bill Cady
Keeper's Desk    İHolly Kuchera 3rd: Keeper's Desk © Holly Kuchera
Portland Head Light    İJim Van Meter HM: Portland Head Light © Jim Van Meter

Monochrome Open

End of an Era    İMilo Meland 1st: End of an Era © Milo Meland