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April 2014   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: After Dark

Color Topic

Horseshoe Under The Stars    和att Peterson 1st: Horseshoe Under The Stars © Matt Peterson
Mickey's Diner    呶inda Staats 2nd: Mickey's Diner © Linda Staats
Cremation Fires    和ilo Meland 3rd: Cremation Fires © Milo Meland
Mail Box    和ike Fuerst HM: Mail Box © Mike Fuerst

Monochrome Topic

The Trequrtha Leaves Duluth    咀harles Taflin 1st: The Trequrtha Leaves Duluth © Charles Taflin
Bull    和ike Fuerst 2nd: Bull © Mike Fuerst

Color Open

no image1st: Proxy Falls © Matt Peterson
no image2nd: Keenan,5mos © Richard Kain
Fall Splash of Color    呶inda Staats 3rd: Fall Splash of Color © Linda Staats
The Glass Blower    呻on Stauffer HM: The Glass Blower © Don Stauffer
Hawaiian Flower Girl    和arlene Voita HM: Hawaiian Flower Girl © Marlene Voita

Monochrome Open

Delft Platter    呻on Stauffer 2nd: Delft Platter © Don Stauffer