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September 2014   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Boats

Color Topic

Sailing on The Suez Canal    ©Jim Van Meter 1st: Sailing on The Suez Canal © Jim Van Meter
Chasing Ice    ©Ronnie Hartman 1st: Chasing Ice © Ronnie Hartman
Pallada Sail Parade    ©Linda Staats 2nd: Pallada Sail Parade © Linda Staats
Tall Ship    ©Milo Meland 3rd: Tall Ship © Milo Meland
no imageHM: Stockholm © Jean Stauffer
no imageHM: Anchor pattern © Richard Kain
Polychromic Boats    ©Doug Cameron HM: Polychromic Boats © Doug Cameron
Camden harbor    ©Jim Van Meter HM: Camden harbor © Jim Van Meter

Monochrome Topic

Riding High    ©Jean Stauffer 1st: Riding High © Jean Stauffer
Sail Away Salute    ©Linda Staats 3rd: Sail Away Salute © Linda Staats
Canadian Transport    ©Don Stauffer HM: Canadian Transport © Don Stauffer

Color Open

no image2nd: Forest of Endor © Matt Peterson
no image3rd: The Stick © Richard Kain
Bridge    ©Jim Voita HM: Bridge © Jim Voita

Monochrome Open

Woman in Black    ©Milo Meland 1st: Woman in Black © Milo Meland
no image3rd: Into the Sea © Matt Peterson