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January 2015   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Children At Play.

Color Topic

no image1st: Music in Central Park © Denise Herschberger
To go or not To Go    周at Jonas 2nd: To go or not To Go © Pat Jonas
no image3rd: Children at Play © Marlene Voita
Peanuts    和ike Fuerst HM: Peanuts © Mike Fuerst
Ryan Telling a Story    咐im Van Meter HM: Ryan Telling a Story © Jim Van Meter

Monochrome Topic

Autographs    和ike Fuerst 1st: Autographs © Mike Fuerst
Flat Tire    和ilo Meland 2nd: Flat Tire © Milo Meland
no image3rd: In the Ropes © Jean Stauffer

Color Open

no image1st: Cormorant Drying © Doug Cameron
no image2nd: Tasty © Richard Kain
no image3rd: Punisher Rock © Matt Peterson