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March 2015   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Power of Nature.

Color Topic

no image1st: Minneapolis Tornado © Joann Parker
no image2nd: Through the Windshield © Joann Parker
no image3rd: Tumultuous Shore © Matt Peterson
no imageHM: Sea to Sky © Ashu Chaturvedi
no imageHM: Biking in the Rain © Mike Fuerst

Monochrome Topic

no image1st: Winter Blues © Ashu Chaturvedi
no image2nd: Ice © Jean Stauffer
Storm at Sea    İDoug Cameron 3rd: Storm at Sea © Doug Cameron
no imageHM: Windstruck Cove © Matt Peterson

Color Open

no image1st: Pokot Celebration © Jim Voita
no image2nd: Baraboo Crane Study © Richard Kain
no image3rd: Flower Layers © Richard Kain
Chinese Peasant    İMilo Meland HM: Chinese Peasant © Milo Meland

Monochrome Open

no image1st: Security © Mike Fuerst