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May 2015   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Religious.

Color Topic

Good Friday,Lafayette Park    和ike Fuerst 1st: Good Friday,Lafayette Park © Mike Fuerst
Indian Holy Man    和ilo Meland 2nd: Indian Holy Man © Milo Meland
Arches in Seville Cathedral    呻on Stauffer 3rd: Arches in Seville Cathedral © Don Stauffer
Quiet Time    咐ean Stauffer HM: Quiet Time © Jean Stauffer
Woelupper, Nepal    咐im Van Meter HM: Woelupper, Nepal © Jim Van Meter
Eyes of the Buddha    咐im Van Meter HM: Eyes of the Buddha © Jim Van Meter
no imageHM: Wielicza Salt Mine Chapel © Marlene Voita

Monochrome Topic

Organ in Seville Cathedral    呻on Stauffer 1st: Organ in Seville Cathedral © Don Stauffer
Cuban Santoreans    和ilo Meland HM: Cuban Santoreans © Milo Meland

Color Open

no image1st: The Paint Spectrum © Richard Kain
Brody Chicken    命onnie Hartman 2nd: Brody Chicken © Ronnie Hartman
no image3rd: Arboreal Tangles © Matt Peterson
Belles of the Day    和ike Fuerst HM: Belles of the Day © Mike Fuerst
no imageHM: Acadian Tangles © Matt Peterson

Monochrome Open

Dewey and Doc    命onnie Hartman 1st: Dewey and Doc © Ronnie Hartman
no image2nd: Pokot Mother and Child © Marlene Voita