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January 2016   Salon Results

Judge: Margo Ashmore     Topic: Postcard of the Twin Cities

Color Topic

Mickey's Diner    ©Jim Voita 1st: Mickey's Diner © Jim Voita
The Enduring Sign    ©Doug Cameron 2nd: The Enduring Sign © Doug Cameron
Berger Fountain    ©Jim Van Meter 3rd: Berger Fountain © Jim Van Meter

Monochrome Topic

House Boat, 3rd Ave Bridge    ©Mike Fuerst 1st: House Boat, 3rd Ave Bridge © Mike Fuerst
Conservatory    ©Joan Gacki 2nd: Conservatory © Joan Gacki

Color Open

no image1st: Reindeer Lichen © Matt Peterson
no image2nd: Desert Textures © Richard Kain
Afriken Pokut School Headmaster    ©Marlene Voita 3rd: Afriken Pokut School Headmaster © Marlene Voita

Monochrome Open

no image2nd: To The Highest Bidder © Dell Erikson