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March 2016   Salon Results

Judge: Bill Cooper     Topic: Silhouette

Color Topic

Impressions of Praugue    ©Dan Lauer-Schumacher 1st: Impressions of Praugue © Dan Lauer-Schumacher
Have a Long Road Ahead    ©Chetan Salian 2nd: Have a Long Road Ahead © Chetan Salian
Arboretum Maple Silhouette    ©Jim Van Meter 3rd: Arboretum Maple Silhouette © Jim Van Meter
Ice Climber    ©Ronnie Hartman HM: Ice Climber © Ronnie Hartman

Monochrome Topic

no image2nd: A Mother in the Mist © Denise Herschberger
Spooky Tree    ©Chetan Salian 2nd: Spooky Tree © Chetan Salian

Color Open

Qualifying Run    ©Ronnie Hartman 1st: Qualifying Run © Ronnie Hartman
no image2nd: Autumn Flowing © Matt Peterson

Monochrome Open

Jessica    ©Dan Lauer-Schumacher 1st: Jessica © Dan Lauer-Schumacher