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September 2016   Salon Results

Judge: Margo Ashmore     Topic: Noir

Color Topic

Torremolino Noogut Scene    呻on Stauffer 1st: Torremolino Noogut Scene © Don Stauffer

Monochrome Topic

Day of the Dead    和ilo Meland 1st: Day of the Dead © Milo Meland
no image2nd: femme fatale © Jim Voita

Color Open

no image1st: Royal Gorge Train © Dawn Holmberg
Buddies    命onnie Hartman 2nd: Buddies © Ronnie Hartman
Three Sisters Sunrise    和att Peterson 3rd: Three Sisters Sunrise © Matt Peterson

Monochrome Open

River of Light    呻an Lauer-Schumacher 1st: River of Light © Dan Lauer-Schumacher
no image2nd: Kakadu Pattern #1 © Richard Kain