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February 2017   Salon Results

Judge: Mariann Cyr.     Topic: Wildlife

Color Topic

White Bear in a White Land    命onnie Hartman 1st: White Bear in a White Land © Ronnie Hartman
Prairie Gossip    咐oan Gacki 2nd: Prairie Gossip © Joan Gacki
Hello!    呻on Stauffer 3rd: Hello! © Don Stauffer
Waiting & Watching    咐ean Stauffer HM: Waiting & Watching © Jean Stauffer
Im Wak    咐im Voita HM: Im Wak © Jim Voita
Naptime Kenya    和arlene Voita HM: Naptime Kenya © Marlene Voita

Monochrome Topic

Wild Stallion Badlands Herd    命onnie Hartman 2nd: Wild Stallion Badlands Herd © Ronnie Hartman
Egret    咐ean Stauffer HM: Egret © Jean Stauffer

Color Open

Calm Before the Storm    和att Peterson 1st: Calm Before the Storm © Matt Peterson
Birds Eye View    咐im Voita 2nd: Birds Eye View © Jim Voita
no image3rd: Love That Pudding © Richard Kain

Monochrome Open

Indomitable    和att Peterson 1st: Indomitable © Matt Peterson