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March 2017   Salon Results

Judge: Terry Butler.     Topic: Blue Hour

Color Topic

Harbor, Alesund Norway    ©Doug Cameron 1st: Harbor, Alesund Norway © Doug Cameron
Alpine Meditations    ©Matt Peterson 2nd: Alpine Meditations © Matt Peterson
Captiva Beach    ©Jim Voita 3rd: Captiva Beach © Jim Voita

Monochrome Topic

Evening Silhouette    ©Jean Stauffer 2nd: Evening Silhouette © Jean Stauffer

Color Open

 Baby Bunny    ©Ronnie Hartman 1st: Baby Bunny © Ronnie Hartman
Como Tulips    ©Dawn Holmberg 2nd: Como Tulips © Dawn Holmberg
Witch in the Window    ©Don Stauffer 3rd: Witch in the Window © Don Stauffer

Monochrome Open

Bigsby    ©Dell Erikson 1st: Bigsby © Dell Erikson