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April 2017   Salon Results

Judge: John Arthur Anderson.     Topic: National or State Parks and Monuments

Color Topic

alpine drama    ©Matt Peterson 1st: alpine drama © Matt Peterson
mesa arch    ©Jim Voita 2nd: mesa arch © Jim Voita
militrary band    ©Don Stauffer 3rd: militrary band © Don Stauffer
A walk along the duneridge    ©Doug Cameron HM: A walk along the duneridge © Doug Cameron

Monochrome Topic

assiniboine    ©Matt Peterson 1st: assiniboine © Matt Peterson

Color Open

no image1st: old red trike © Joan Gacki
no image2nd: washing tilted panes © Dawn Holmberg

Monochrome Open

michigan ave winter    ©Joan Gacki 1st: michigan ave winter © Joan Gacki