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September 2017   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Macro

Color Topic

Caterpillar    ©Milo Meland 1st: Caterpillar © Milo Meland
Spring Ephemeral    ©Pat Jonas 2nd: Spring Ephemeral © Pat Jonas
Luncj Time    ©Jean Stauffer 3rd: Luncj Time © Jean Stauffer

Monochrome Topic

City of the Electron    ©Don Stauffer 1st: City of the Electron © Don Stauffer
Spikes    ©Jean Stauffer 2nd: Spikes © Jean Stauffer

Color Open

Hawk at Dusk    ©Joan Gacki 1st: Hawk at Dusk © Joan Gacki
no image2nd: Winter Solstice © Jim Voita
no image3rd: Angry Eagle © Doug Cameron
no imageHM: Como Fountain © Dawn Holmberg

Monochrome Open

Broadmare Band, Bucking Stocl    ©Ronnie Hartman 1st: Broadmare Band, Bucking Stocl © Ronnie Hartman
Outdoor Symbolic Memorial    ©Pat Jonas 2nd: Outdoor Symbolic Memorial © Pat Jonas
Harbor Rope    ©Joan Gacki 3rd: Harbor Rope © Joan Gacki