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February 2018   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Sports

Color Topic

Right on Target    命onnie Hartman 1st: Right on Target © Ronnie Hartman
no image2nd: good serve © Jean Stauffer
Joy of Summer    和ilo Meland 3rd: Joy of Summer © Milo Meland
Running Hard    命onnie Hartman HM: Running Hard © Ronnie Hartman

Monochrome Topic

no image2nd: Adelaide © Don Stauffer

Color Open

Adifferent Perspective    咐oan Gacki 1st: Adifferent Perspective © Joan Gacki
no image2nd: Ice Carver © Dawn Holmberg
no image3rd: Say Cheese © Dawn Holmberg
Total Eclipse    咐im Voita HM: Total Eclipse © Jim Voita

Monochrome Open

no image1st: Horn Heart © Richard Kain
Snowy Afternoon    咐oan Gacki HM: Snowy Afternoon © Joan Gacki