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September 2018   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Anything With Wheels

Color Topic

Old Plymouth Delux    ©Pat Jonas 1st: Old Plymouth Delux © Pat Jonas
Red in Black    ©Linda Staats 2nd: Red in Black © Linda Staats
Summer evening    ©Jean Stauffer 3rd: Summer evening © Jean Stauffer
no imageHM: Determination © Richard Kain

Monochrome Topic

Old Wooden Wheel    ©Pat Jonas 1st: Old Wooden Wheel © Pat Jonas
Around the Past    ©Linda Staats 2nd: Around the Past © Linda Staats
Horse and His Wheels    ©Joan Gacki 3rd: Horse and His Wheels © Joan Gacki

Color Open

Pig Race    ©Doug Cameron 1st: Pig Race © Doug Cameron
Dear Fawn    ©Marlene Voita 2nd: Dear Fawn © Marlene Voita

Monochrome Open

no image1st: Calder in Kentucky © Richard Kain