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October 2018   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Spring Colors

Color Topic

no image1st: Dreaming of Springtime © Matt Peterson
White Trillium    周at Jonas 2nd: White Trillium © Pat Jonas
Easter Parade    和ilo Meland 3rd: Easter Parade © Milo Meland
desert flower    呻oug Cameron HM: desert flower © Doug Cameron

Monochrome Topic

False Rue Anemone    周at Jonas 1st: False Rue Anemone © Pat Jonas
no imageHM: Tulips © Chuck Dahl

Color Open

Yee-Hah!    命onnie Hartman 1st: Yee-Hah! © Ronnie Hartman
Roseville    咐ohn Clouse 2nd: Roseville © John Clouse
no image3rd: Tumbling Athabasca © Matt Peterson
Hey! I was trying to catch a nap.    命onnie Hartman HM: Hey! I was trying to catch a nap. © Ronnie Hartman
no imageHM: Wheel Borrows © Marlene Voita

Monochrome Open

Winter Stock    咐oan Gacki 2nd: Winter Stock © Joan Gacki
no image3rd: Sunrise Montenegro © Doug Cameron