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December 2018   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Cityscape

Color Topic

no image1st: Lauterbrunnen © Matt Peterson
no image2nd: Five Buildings © Dell Erikson
Five Buildings    ©Joan Gacki 2nd: Five Buildings © Joan Gacki
no image3rd: Havana Evening © Milo Meland
City in the Cloud Gate    ©Linda Staats HM: City in the Cloud Gate © Linda Staats
Germany    ©Jean Stauffer HM: Germany © Jean Stauffer

Monochrome Topic

Relections: On World Trade Center    ©Linda Staats 1st: Relections: On World Trade Center © Linda Staats
Chicago Riverwalk    ©Jean Stauffer 2nd: Chicago Riverwalk © Jean Stauffer
no image3rd: del Dumo © Doug Cameron
no imageHM: St Paul Alleyway © Jim Voita

Color Open

culverts    ©John Clouse 1st: culverts © John Clouse
Zip    ©Ronnie Hartman 2nd: Zip © Ronnie Hartman
Jake    ©Ronnie Hartman 3rd: Jake © Ronnie Hartman
no imageHM: Sassolungo Daun © Matt Peterson

Monochrome Open

no image1st: Hood Ornament © Milo Meland
Brittle Curves    ©Pat Jonas 2nd: Brittle Curves © Pat Jonas