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January 2019   Salon Results

Judge:     Topic: Fun In The Sun

Color Topic

soccer on the beach    ©Stuart Cameron 1st: soccer on the beach © Stuart Cameron
bubbles    ©Jean Stauffer 2nd: bubbles © Jean Stauffer
mush for the cure    ©Linda Staats 3rd: mush for the cure © Linda Staats

Monochrome Topic

run with me    ©Linda Staats 1st: run with me © Linda Staats

Color Open

no image1st: Hraurfosser © Matt Peterson
no image2nd: Abbey Courtyard © Matt Peterson
no image3rd: once at sea © Richard Kain

Monochrome Open

gypsy horse    ©Ronnie Hartman 1st: gypsy horse © Ronnie Hartman