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2004 - 2005                 Best of the Best
Judge: John Olson


Take the Plunge    ©Linda Schield 1st: Take the Plunge © Linda Schield
Great Blue Heron    ©Jeff Morgan 2nd: Great Blue Heron © Jeff Morgan
Berries    ©Peg Woellner 3rd: Berries © Peg Woellner
no imageHM: Antelope Canyon © Gary Burnham
Rafting the River    ©Peg Woellner HM: Rafting the River © Peg Woellner
Red and White Tulip Field    ©Peg Woellner HM: Red and White Tulip Field © Peg Woellner
Dancing with Dad    ©Linda Schield HM: Dancing with Dad © Linda Schield
Wheat Farm    ©Linda Schield HM: Wheat Farm © Linda Schield
Frosty Dawn at Thune    ©Jeff Morgan HM: Frosty Dawn at Thune © Jeff Morgan
Ruined Crofter's Cottage    ©Scott Moncrieff HM: Ruined Crofter's Cottage © Scott Moncrieff
Wiggins Pass at Sunset    ©Micheal Johnson HM: Wiggins Pass at Sunset © Micheal Johnson
Gotcha!    ©Scott Moncrieff HM: Gotcha! © Scott Moncrieff


Waiting    ©Chuck Dahl 1st: Waiting © Chuck Dahl
Rural Life Autumn Harvest    ©Jeff Morgan 2nd: Rural Life Autumn Harvest © Jeff Morgan
no image3rd: Ribbon Tree © Bob Dachelet
Dawn at Silver Lake    ©Jeff Morgan HM: Dawn at Silver Lake © Jeff Morgan
Marathon at Sunrise    ©Sonny Taylor HM: Marathon at Sunrise © Sonny Taylor
no imageHM: With Love © Peg Woellner
Pedestrian Bridge at Night    ©Peg Woellner HM: Pedestrian Bridge at Night © Peg Woellner
Fishing    ©Sonny Taylor HM: Fishing © Sonny Taylor
You've Got a Fly on Your Window    ©Sonny Taylor HM: You've Got a Fly on Your Window © Sonny Taylor
no imageHM: Perpetual Motion © Bob Dachelet
Locharron, Wester Ross    ©Scott Moncrieff HM: Locharron, Wester Ross © Scott Moncrieff
Grass    ©Chuck Dahl HM: Grass © Chuck Dahl
Threshing    ©Chuck Dahl HM: Threshing © Chuck Dahl