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2006 - 2007                 Best of the Best
Judge: Ruth Connor


Southtown, Dartmouth, Devon    ©Jeff Morgan 1st: Southtown, Dartmouth, Devon © Jeff Morgan
Stone Arch    ©Bill Cady 2nd: Stone Arch © Bill Cady
The Siq    ©Jim Van Meter 2nd: The Siq © Jim Van Meter
no image3rd: Greek Island Dreams © Charles Turpin
no image3rd: Kilchurn Castle © Scott Moncrieff
Ritual Bathing    ©Bob Dachelet HM Ritual Bathing © Bob Dachelet
no imageHM: Winter School Patrol © Charles Turpin
Water Pump    ©Jeff Morgan HM: Water Pump © Jeff Morgan
Devotional Dance    ©Bob Hosker HM: Devotional Dance © Bob Hosker
Iron Pour Intensity    ©Holly Kuchera HM: Iron Pour Intensity © Holly Kuchera
Casey    ©Bill Cady HM Casey © Bill Cady
no imageHM Monk © Bob Dachelet
Matterhorn from Riffelalp    ©Jim Van Meter HM: Matterhorn from Riffelalp © Jim Van Meter
Wild Steps    ©Bill Cady HM Wild Steps © Bill Cady
Washburn A Mill    ©Chuck Dahl HM Washburn A Mill © Chuck Dahl
Spoonbridge and Cherry in Storm    ©Jim Van Meter HM: Spoonbridge and Cherry in Storm © Jim Van Meter
Caerphilly Castle    ©Jeff Morgan HM: Caerphilly Castle © Jeff Morgan
Early Light    ©Chuck Dahl HM Early Light © Chuck Dahl
Hamming it Up    ©Linda Schield HM: Hamming it Up © Linda Schield
no imageHM: I Agree © Sonny Taylor
Albotross in Landscape    ©Mariann Cyr HM: Albotross in Landscape © Mariann Cyr
Pouring Iron    ©Mariann Cyr HM: Pouring Iron © Mariann Cyr
no imageHM: Pat O'Haloran © Charles Turpin
no imageHM: Icon Painter © Peg Woellner
Canopy in Cortona    ©Angela Andrist HM: Canopy in Cortona © Angela Andrist
The Queen    ©Paul Hunerberg HM: The Queen © Paul Hunerberg
Banking on Boise    ©Mark Lawton HM: Banking on Boise © Mark Lawton
Shabby Chic    ©Linda Schield HM: Shabby Chic © Linda Schield
no imageHM: Lady Slipper © Sonny Taylor
Iced Leaves    ©Mariann Cyr HM: Iced Leaves © Mariann Cyr
Winter at Split  Rock    ©Mariann Cyr HM: Winter at Split Rock © Mariann Cyr
Petra Abstract 1    ©Jim Van Meter HM: Petra Abstract 1 © Jim Van Meter


Foshay    ©Chuck Dahl 1st: Foshay © Chuck Dahl
Iford Gardens    ©Bob Dachelet 2nd: Iford Gardens © Bob Dachelet
Window, Tuscany 2006    ©Shaun Adams 3rd: Window, Tuscany 2006 © Shaun Adams
Into The Mist    ©Shaun Adams HM: Into The Mist © Shaun Adams
Welsh Hilltop Treeline    ©Jeff Morgan HM: Welsh Hilltop Treeline © Jeff Morgan
Confession    ©Shaun Adams HM: Confession © Shaun Adams
no imageHM: Curves & Shadows © Sonny Taylor
Zug Castle    ©Jeff Morgan HM: Zug Castle © Jeff Morgan
Beggar    ©Bob Dachelet HM Beggar © Bob Dachelet
Cala #2    ©Shaun Adams HM: Cala #2 © Shaun Adams
Faceless Workers    ©Peg Woellner HM: Faceless Workers © Peg Woellner
Green Onions    ©Linda Schield HM: Green Onions © Linda Schield