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2014 - 2015                 Best of the Best


no image1st: The True North © Matt Peterson
no image2nd: Autumn, Laid to Rest © Matt Peterson
Indian Holy Man    和ilo Meland 3rd: Indian Holy Man © Milo Meland
Polished To Perfection    命onnie Hartman HM: Polished To Perfection © Ronnie Hartman
Cuban Santorea Priest    和ilo Meland HM: Cuban Santorea Priest © Milo Meland
no imageHM: Biking in the Rain © Mike Fuerst
Chinese Peasant    和ilo Meland HM: Chinese Peasant © Milo Meland
Woelupper, Nepal    咐im Van Meter HM: Woelupper, Nepal © Jim Van Meter


Woman in Black    和ilo Meland 1st: Woman in Black © Milo Meland
Cuban Santoreans    和ilo Meland 2nd: Cuban Santoreans © Milo Meland
Dewey and Doc    命onnie Hartman 3rd: Dewey and Doc © Ronnie Hartman
Chinese Fisherman    和ilo Meland HM: Chinese Fisherman © Milo Meland
Jet    和ike Fuerst HM: Jet © Mike Fuerst
Rice Fields    和ilo Meland HM: Rice Fields © Milo Meland
Flat Tire    和ilo Meland HM: Flat Tire © Milo Meland
no imageHM: Xian Warriors © Jean Stauffer