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Salon Rules

Size: All prints must be securely mounted on matboard, cardboard, foamcore or any other rigid surface. The final size, including any mat, MUST NOT be larger than 320 square inches. There is NO minimum size.

Prints must NOT be wrapped in plastic. Prints in plastic wrap will not be judged.

Beggar    ęBob Dachelet

Identification: A title (for documentation purposes only) must appear on the back of the mounted print, along with the category in which the print is entered. The name of the competitor must NOT appear anywhere on the print (front or back). Prints are submitted at the start of the meeting and are judged during the business meeting and program.

Copyright: Prints may be entirely the work of the maker, or commercially made or digital output. But they MUST be the end result of a photograph taken by the maker. In addition, any modification of the original image must be made by the maker.

Basilica Arches    ęCynthia Fleury

Color: Monochrome and color prints are judged separately, as are Topic and Open category prints. According to PSA, a monochrome print is defined as having no more than two colors : monochrome plus one other color.

Number of Prints: Each member may submit up to a total of two prints each month. Each print must be designated as a Color Topic, a Color Open, a Monochrome Topic, or a Monochrome Open.

Judges/Awards: Judges are selected from among artists, professionals and competent amateur photographers. The number of awards given depends on the number of prints submitted and the judge's discretion. Prints that have previously won a salon award may not be entered again.

Categories: An Award winner in the Topic of the month earns 2 points more than the corresponding award in the Open category.   We encourage members to regularly get out and capture images and to submit current photographic work.

Points: are awarded as follows:

  • First Place: 16 for Topic; 14 for Open
  • 2nd Place: 14 for Topic; 12 for Open
  • 3rd Place 12 for Topic; 10 for Open
  • Honorable Mention: 10 for Topic; 8 for Open
  • Each Print Submitted: 2 for Topic; 2 for Open
  • Previous Photographers of the Year are awarded one-half the normal points on all points earned after reaching 100 points.

Club members who earn 100 or more points during the year are awarded membership in the Century Club.

The club member who has the highest number of Award Points is named Photographer of the Year.